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10 Best Hairstyles To Wear With A Sari

The saree is more common in South Indian that anywhere else in the country. Finding new hairstyles beyond the long traditional South Indian braid you so often see in Tamil and Kerala hairstyles can be a problem.

Braids are great for when you want to get that long hair out of the way, e.g. when you have just oiled it for example. However there are many other hairstyles that look great on a saree from simple buns to open hairstyles. Check out the pics below to get inspired!


A bun makes you look elegant but when it’s a braided bun, it makes you look like a royalty. In the picture below, you can see the hair is braided from the front, back and is then tied in the bun.


A classic South Indian braid can’t be defeated or replaced. Just try this thick classic braid with your sari and you’ll set the stage on fire. To add a dash of glamour, you can make a puff with your braid.


This is an evergreen hairstyle and never grows old. Just make a puff on the crown of your head and let those bangs work their magic. You can make this your go to hairstyle and can wear to college or even brunches and is super easy to do.


Open hair is beautiful in its own way. Just let those curls loose and let them work their magic. Try this hairdo with a sari and heavy earrings and you’ll steal all hearts.


This hairstyle raises the bar and sets it on fire. Just make a low bun and let your bangs loose on either side of your head. To add a pinch of drama, curl your bangs and you are good to go.


This is similar to the hairstyle we have discussed above. Just make a puff using a claw clip and let the rest of your hair open. This hairstyle works wonders with a sari and is bound to make you look mature and beautiful.


This hairdo adds a modern touch to the classic fishtail braid. Just make a puff on the crown of your head and then make a fishtail braid. This is perfect for saris as well as gowns and it sure does boost your style game.


To recreate this look, just make a puff and then tie the rest of your hair in a bun and it’s done.


This hairstyle works best for people with medium length hair. Just part your hair on either side of the head and then tie them in a bun and you’re good to go.


This is the classic and evergreen hairstyle which compliments a sari. Just tie those luscious locks in a beautiful yet thick braid and you’ll be the center of attention. A sari is beautiful in its own way. These hairstyles embrace and enhance the beauty of a sari and make you fall in love with yourself.


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