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11 hairstyles with a tail for all occasions

Turn the usual tail into a spectacular hairstyle for work, appointments, workouts or holidays.

Hairstyles with a tail for work or study

1. Low tail with weaving

An excellent option for an office with a strict dress code.

Take hair from the front-parietal and occipital zone to the host. Whiskey leave free. Separate strands alternately from the right and left temporal zones. Twist them together, twisting the tail.

Connect the stranded strands under the tail. Spread the weave to hide the gum.

2. Asymmetrical inverted tail

Anyone can handle this elegant hairstyle . Make a tail: it should be located below the ear as close to the head as possible. Separate a small strand at the bottom of the resulting tail and wrap it with an elastic band. Fix it with invisibility.

Step back a few centimeters and pull the tail of it with one rubber band. Make a hole in the resulting area and twist the tail into it. You should have something like a loop. Create a volume by slightly stretching the strands in the loop.

Repeat until the end of the tail.

3. High tail with spikelet

A fashionable combination of rigor and negligence. You can perform on both long and medium hair. The hair takes a little longer than the previous ones, but it is suitable not only for workdays, but also for corporate parties.

Separate the hair on the temporal area. Weave a horizontal back ear (it is also called fish tail). From the resulting spit, slightly pull the strands.

Collect the remaining hair in a tall tail with a spikelet. Fixing the elastic band, untwist the tip of the braid so that it mixes with the tail. Hide the elastic band by wrapping it with a thin strand of hair.

Select the strand from the tail and twist one more cone. If you have thin hair, use false strands. When weaving, pull the strands so that the braid turns out to be voluminous. Fix the tip with a silicone rubber band.

Hairstyles with a tail for appointments

1. Iroquois with Dutch weaving

A bright image for daring natures, as well as for a trip to the club or to a party.

Divide the hair into two parts. Lower temporarily fix with an elastic band or a clip.

The upper braid is in the form of a Dutch braid: it consists of three strands and is similar to the French one. Pull the strands out of the braid to make it appear even larger.

The remaining hair is tied in a tall tail, including a braid. Fan it.

2. Textured low tail

The combination of a smooth top and a fluffy tail is an ideal solution for a romantic dinner.

Make a deep side part. Using ironing corrugation, create a basal volume and lightly brush hair in the temporal area.

Make an asymmetrical tail. You can leave a lock at the face to remove it, then hide the elastic under it.

Use a curling blade to give the tail a texture. Curl the curls so that the ends of the strands do not twist. Comb the hair with your hands and apply a structuring spray.

3. High tail in retro style

Make a tight high tail (do not forget to hide the gum), leaving a lock at the forehead and putting it to one side. Under the tail, put the roller and secure it with studs at the desired height.

Hair from the tail divide into two parts. First, brush and distribute the bottom roller, and then the top. Spread out the hair so that the roller is fully closed.

Hairstyles with a tail for training

1. Tail-beam

Simple in execution, but very effective hairstyle that does not fall apart during training.

Make a tail on top of the head. Put on it a cushion to create a beam or just a rubber band of the right color.

Evenly distribute the hair on the platen. From the center of the tail, separate and temporarily lock the hair. Put the elastic on the roller and disguise it with the tips of the hair.

Dissolve the strand in the center of the beam. You can leave it straight, weave a pigtail from it or curl it.

2. High tail with weaving

A hairdress in case if you need to escape from the gym to visit or to meet friends. Just swell the strands after training.

Collect the high tail. Fix it with an elastic band. For greater reliability, you can use an invisible gum. Hide the elastic with the help of the bottom strand from the tail.

On each side of the tail, separate the hair. Cross them. Then separate from the tail still a little string and attach to the weave. Continue until hair length allows . Secure the end with an elastic band.

For the duration of training it is better to leave the strands tightly intertwined, and after – to stretch a little. This will quickly change the image.

Hairstyles with a tail for celebrations

1. Tail of curls

Divide your head into zones. First, curl the hair on the back of the head, pryosyvaya every strand at the roots. Use a large curling iron. Comb your hair and collect the curls in the tail.

Curl the hair on the vertex. Collect one more tail, combining it with the first one. Take a thick strand of tail and wrap the elastic band.

Cover the temporal zones and lay them in the direction of the tail.

2. High Volumetric Tail

In beauty salons, such hairstyles are called oriental or 5D-tails.

Separate and form the tail first in the lower occipital area. To make the volume rinse and dry your hair in the tail. Make curls ironing. Then do the same with the temporal zones. At the end, pinch them to the tail.

Make two more tails: in the upper occipital and parietal zone. Give each volume and curl. Hair at the forehead twist the strand, pull the strands and fix with wax or lacquer fins. For simplicity, you can just scratch it.

3. Low volumetric tail with weave

A gentle image that is suitable for graduation and even weddings.

With a large curl, lighten your hair lightly. Then make a lateral parting and separate the hair on the temporal areas. Leave a lock at the forehead, if you like elongated bangs.

Weave on the left and right on the spikelet. Fix the ends with invisible fingers, stretch the strands. Lay the braids on the back of the head so that it is thicker from above. Properly fix them with invisibles.

Collect the remaining hair, as well as the ends of the braid in the tail. Secure it with a transparent rubber band.

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