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15 Most Amazing Kriti Sanon Hairstyles

Kirti Sanon isn’t an uncommon name to us now and the Bollywood diva has managed to make a place in all of our hearts. We all follow the trends set by celebrities and look forward to their style tricks and tips. To make your life a bit simple, we have picked Kirti’s top hairstyles and presented them for you. Let’s dig right in!


Kirti made an appearance with her hair in feather cut and finished with fringes covering her forehead and eyebrows and simply enhances her beauty. The haircut was seen so often that it eventually became her go to hairstyle.


This is our personal favourite and is just elegant. Just grab your fringes and hair onto one side and braid them in a beautiful yet messy fishtail braid. Don’t tie the last strands of the hair and let those loose ends work their magic. People with a defined jaw line and slim and sleek neck should opt for this hairdo as it highlights and enhances them you go girl.


A puff has been in the hair game for a long time now and has definitely made its place in our hearts. This is a simple hairstyle and can be worn on almost any occasion. Just pull back your hair on the top and tie them in a puff and let those bangs loose and you’re set to go.


This is one of those lazy Sunday hairstyles we adore and can’t get enough of. Just pull your hair in a braid and let some strands loose and done. This is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends or a shopping spree and is super casual. Just be you and we are sure you’ll look the prettiest.


We love, love, love this hairdo. This just makes you look super classy and sophisticated and is best suited for office. Just pull back your hair in a tight ponytail and if you still want to add a dimension to your look make a puff with it. This hairdo brings out a mature side of yours and is subtle yet simple.


Another one of those Sunday lazy day hairstyles. Just pull your hair in a messy puff and adjust your bangs accordingly and done. Easy peasy , isn’t it ?


This hairstyle is so elegant and easy that it makes you look nothing less than a goddess. Just take a claw clip and tie your hair from the top and leave the rest of them open including your bangs. The aura of this look is completely different and leaves us in awe. Try this hairstyle for a daily basis and you’ll see the change in your hair game yourself.


This hairstyle is a bit tricky than the ones discussed above. To ace this look, you need to braid a portion of your hair from the top portion like a headband and tie the remaining hair in a messy hair bun. Try this hairstyle with Traditional attire and you’ll look ravishing.


This is our personal favourite and is super duper easy and quick. Just tie your hair in an up do and let some strands loose on either sides and you’re set to go. Try some heavy jhumkas with this hairstyle to enhance it a bit more and it’s done. Viola !


A top knot is one of the most common hairstyles we’ve ever seen. Just brush your hair and untangle them and tie them in a clean top knot. To make the look a bit more dramatic, adjust your fringes and done. This look works best if you need a hairstyle for college or if you need to catch a late lunch with your girls, then this is the perfect hairdo for you.


This is very much similar to the classic fishtail braid and looks extremely elegant. All you need to do is braid your hair and make sure you don’t comb your hair before braiding them. This will add more volume to your hair and will make your hairdo look effortless. This hairstyle works best with gowns as well as jeans. Kirti was seen wearing this style on Film fare awards.


Simplicity is the best policy without any doubt. Kirti shows us how to be simple and slay with this super easy puff hairdo. All you need to do is tie your hair in a puff and let the rest of your hair loose. This can be your ideal college hairdo and also when you don’t have much time up your sleeve. The wavy hair gives us a feeling of freshness and revives us.


Kirti looks classy as ever in this stunning and sleek low bun. Just part your hair on either side and create a faux bang and tie the rest of your hair in a neat and sleek bun. This hairdo works best with formal attire as well as traditional attire. You go girl.


We absolutely adore this one. Just straighten your hair with a flat iron and that’s all. This hairstyle works best for all face shapes and occasions and is super duper easy.


This is very much similar to the one we just discussed above. You can tie a portion of your hair back to highlight your facial features. You can conquer anything if your hair is good.

We hope you got some ideas and motivation to try different things and slay them. It’s time to embrace messy hair.


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