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15 hairstyles that any girl will make in 5 minutes

Beautiful, simple and superfast hairstyles for those who do not have enough time to lay down and who do not like to mess around with hair.

1. Low tail with harnesses

  • Style : casual, festive.
  • Tools : transparent hair band, invisible.

Separate the top of the hair and make a low tail. The remaining strands on each side twist the strands and fix them with invisible ones: the left one on the right side, the right one on the left.

With this hairdo, you can go to work and study, and if you insert flowers or decorative hairpins between the tows, then at a social event.

2. The tall tail with the oblique scythe

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : rubber bands.

Collect hair in high tail. Divide it into three parts and weave the braid, wrapping the central strand with the bottom and fixing each turn with an elastic band. A strand with an elastic band should always be in the center.

Slightly pull the strands so that the braid becomes voluminous. If necessary, fix with varnish.

3. Magnificent double tail with a start

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : rubber bands.

Divide the hair into two parts. Make a low tail and fasten it with an elastic band. The top part of hair lightly scratch at roots. Make a high tail and cover the bottom.

4. The original tail with a braided heart

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : rubber bands.

Separate the side strands on the right and left and connect them with a rubber band on the back of the head. Then pass through them one more lateral strand on each side, as shown in the photo. You will get the top of the heart.

Fix the elastic ends of these strands to the already existing tail. My heart is ready.

The hair looks romantic – an excellent solution for a date.

5. The French plait inside out

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : elastic.

Make a vertical parting by dividing the hair into two parts. Begin to weave the French braid under the chin, adding gradually larger strands. When you reach the end, fix the braid with an elastic band. Now do a little trick: take the braid from the tip and swing over the head to the back of the head.

Such a hairstyle will easily pass the office dress code, and after working with it you can jerk to a concert.

6. Asymmetric tail with knot

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : transparent elastic, mousse for hair.

Comb the hair on one side and divide, as shown in the picture. To make the hair obedient, smear them with mousse.

Tie two knots from the selected strands, fix the ends with an elastic band. Tighten the resulting nodules and hide the elastic band inside them. The remaining tail slightly fluff.

7. A bunch in the form of a flower

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : elastic, hairpin or invisible.

Separate and collect the top of the hair in the tail. Secure it with an elastic band. Divide the tail into two strands. Twist them into tight bundles and twist among themselves. Fix the tip with an elastic band. The resulting spit, fold a spiral around the base of the tail and secure with a hairpin or invisibility.

8. The bundle inside out

  • Style : casual, festive.
  • Tools : elastic, hairpin, hairpin for decoration.

Make a low tail. Put a hand under it and make a hole in your hair with your fingers. Turn out the tail in this hole – so you hide the rubber band. The rest of the tail is combed, folded with a snail and fixed with pins.

You can leave your hair in this form, and then it will be an everyday option, or decorate with a hairpin to add festiveness.

9. Bant of hair

  • Style : festive.
  • Tools : hair clip, elastic band, invisible.

Take the strands on the left and right and connect them with an elastic band to the back of the head, but do not stretch the hair completely. The resulting bundle is divided into two equal parts: the left one for a time, fix the clamp, the right neatly invisible attach to the strand that forms the tail. Do the same with the left side. Take the string from the center of the tail and wrap it with the resulting bow to hide the elastic band.

10. Playful curl

  • Style : festive.
  • Tools : hairpins, invisible, comb with a sharp handle.

Make an asymmetric vertical parting. Separate the strand at the forehead and, having wound it on the crest with a sharp handle, fix the curl with the studs. That the resulting wave does not fall apart, additionally fix it with invisible ones. Comb your hair – and forward, to the party.

11. Careless French bundle

  • Style : casual, festive.
  • Tools : studs or invisible.

Make an easy start along the entire length of the hair. Then brush them with your fingers. Collect the hair in your hand, pull it out and, starting from the tips, roll with a snail. Go to the head, fix the beam with the help of hairpins and invisible.

If some strands are out of the cochlea, fearless. This hairstyle should look a bit sloppy.

12. A bunch of two braids

  • Style : Casual.
  • Tools : rubber bands, hairpins.

Make two tall tails. Each of them divide into two strands and weave braids. Circle the braids around each other and fix with studs.

It turns out a beautiful volumetric bundle resembling a basket. The hairstyle is great for work, study and just walking.

13. An asymmetric beam

  • Style : festive.
  • Tools : elastic band, hairpins.

Make the tail on the side. Fixing an elastic band, lightly scratch it. Slightly twist the fluffy tail and wrap a spiral around the gum. Fasten the beam with the studs.

14. Braid from braid

  • Style : casual, festive.
  • Tools : rubber bands, hairpins.

Make a vertical parting by dividing the hair into two parts. Each of them plait into the French braid, moving from the back of the head to the face. Fix the tips with rubber bands. The resulting scythes lift up, lay around the head and fasten the nape of the hairpin.

In combination with a business suit with such a hairdo, you can safely go to negotiations, and with a cocktail dress – to a party.

15. Hairstyle with a rim in Greek style

  • Style : casual, festive.
  • Tools : bezel, studs.

Put the bezel on the crown so that the curls hang from under it. Wrap the side and back strands around the rim – you should get a volume low beam . If necessary, additionally fix it with studs.

If you decorate such a bunch with artificial flowers, you will get a haircut for graduation or wedding.


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