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5 Most fashionable men’s haircuts of 2018

This is how the most famous men of the world are cut.

1. Ultra-short haircut

Let’s start with a simple: the shortest haircut for a typewriter is one of the hottest trends of the season. And that – it is easy, not hot and with a certain skill is almost free: a visit to the salon can be replaced by short manipulations with a home clipper.

Yes, if you have never had such a short hair, this step will require some courage. But it’s worth it: a hedgehog goes to almost everyone. In addition, it gives a laconic and masculine character. Well, some taste of rebellion, if you combine ultrashort cut beard varying length.

2. Undercut

We explain on the fingers: whiskey and nape shaved under a hedgehog, but on the top of the head you can grow at least a real jungle. To the length of hair on the crown of the under card is not demanding. It will be fashionable to look and straight hair 2-3 cm in length, and fostered curls (they can be assembled into a bundle if desired).

The key point: the transition from the hairy part to the sheared should be as sharp as possible. Sometimes, to emphasize it, the masters deliberately shave a narrow strip at the border almost to zero.

If the undercard is not original enough for you, there is an option to shave something beautiful on one of the temples, a zigzag for example. Or something more extravagant, which will be enough for the imagination, talent and equipment of your master.

3. Canada

In general, the Canadian is like an under card. But, firstly, here the hair is more flexible in length: the longest in the frontal part gradually go to shorter ones on the vertex and very short at the nape, temples and sides. Secondly, the transition between hair of different lengths is as smooth as possible.

In the 1970s, this hairstyle was very fond of Canadian hockey players who came to the USSR. Hence the name “Canadian”. In the homeland of the same haircuts, in the USA, it is called a haircut of the Marine (Marine) – such practical head of hear can often be found in the military. And celebrities. Most-most.

4. Extended Bob

In the charming scoundrel Loki from the Marvel movie about superheroes, millions are in love. Perhaps a significant role in this played the haircut of Tom Hiddleston – long curls that gracefully frame the face or are strictly and smoothly combed back.

This hairstyle looks great both on medium length hair, and on long hair, both on straight and curly hair. Bob also gives the opportunity to experiment with the broom, combing it sideways, forward or flipped back.

5. Caesar

A short haircut in the style of Caesar – with a clear geometric bodice – in 2018, try on a lot of famous men. In the trend, light negligence, so the bangs also fit as if she had just been disheveled by a gust of wind. Well, or a fist, ruffled hair at the moment of grave, state importance of reflection.

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