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DIY Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

In this post – 17 of the most interesting and useful women’s life hacks to work with hair.

Each girl has her own secrets of beauty. But, since we are on the resource devoted to the search for simple and elegant solutions for complex problems, I propose to talk about real women’s lifes. To begin with, that excites the heads of most girls. This hairstyle.

How to spend minimum time for styling, painlessly curl your hair, make an ideal hairstyle for a couple of minutes – these are the must-have-knowledge that any modern girl should have. 17 of the most interesting and useful women’s life hacks on work with hair are waiting for you in this post.

1. When you curl hair with a curling or styler, start from the middle of the curl, and not from the end. Laying will last longer.

2. Quickly make neat, shiny curls can be with ironing (flat curling).

3. Temporary bangs can be created with the help of a conventional horse tail.

But the video is much more clear ↓

4. Visually increase the length of your hair will allow a trick with a double pony tail.

5. Painless for you and your hair method of obtaining wavy hair. Need only a rubber band. And with this ↓ on the head you can safely sleep.

6. Invisible persons can act as a graphic accessory for hair.

7. Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary to pin invisible people with an undulating side down.

8. A voluminous tail in 2 minutes: just use a small crab.

9. If your hair does not succumb to a perm, use aluminum foil and iron to create super long curls.

10. Another quick way to give the hair a wavy hair: braid the braids and walk on them with a flat ployka.

11. Lifshack for those who have long hair, or hair that quickly becomes fat: do not wash your hair every day – just wash, dry and lay a bang (or one upper strand of hair).

12. If your hair is prone to waviness: dry them, pressing down on both sides with a towel. No rubbing movements!

13. Use different methods of curling the hair to get the kind of curl you want.

14. If you have straight or very naughty hair, then, instead of ordinary invisible, use spiral studs (they are literally screwed into the hair). With them, your hair will last till sunset!

15. Tea instead of hairspray: if you wet your hair with a tea solution (2 teaspoons of tea per cup of boiling water / tea bag per 50 ml of boiling water) before curling it, the curls will last much longer.

16. The toothbrush will make the hairstyle more accurate. Spray on it the means for styling and comb the protruding hairs.

17. Brilliant idea: fast and beautiful bezel rims. To do it is easier than easy, but it looks chic.

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