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Easy ways to curl your hair with straws

Fashionable in the 1970’s voluminous hairstyles with a million curls again gaining popularity. And to create a mischievous and at the same time, a romantic image does not need a curling iron, or hair curlers.

Who are Afroacounrics suitable for?

Small curls are ideal for tall thin girls with an outstretched or oval face. And it does not matter, long hair or short.

Low and chubby young ladies with afrokudryashkami should be careful. If the hair is below the shoulders, then a voluminous haircut with a small wave will make you lower, and the face wider.

Using Afro curls, you can hide the split ends and dry hair. But in order not to damage them, curl them better without a curling iron, ironing and hair curlers.

How to make afrokudri with the help of cocktail tubes

You will need:

  • 20-30 tubes for cocktails;
  • as many as invisible, hair clips or small elastic bands;
  • comb with handle-spoke;
  • mousse or other means for hair.

Apply mousse or foam to clean, dry hair. If you prefer styling sprays, it is better to sprinkle each strand separately.

Separate the thin strand with the sharp end of the comb. The thicker the hair, the less hair you need to take. Attach the straw to the roots and tightly wrap a strand on it. Fold the tube in half and secure it with an invisible or barrette. Here’s how to do it:

Some girls leave the tubes straight and fix the hair with small elastic bands. To whom as it is more convenient.

Finish the wrap, do your own thing. The tubes should be kept on the head for 2-3 hours, so that curls can form, and the styling agent is completely dried. Speed ​​up the process with a hairdryer.

If you sleep soundly, you can do this for the night.

Having stood the right time, carefully remove the curls from the tubes. We obtain superelastic springs. Flush them with your fingers or a toothbrush with rare prongs. If necessary, chop and fix with varnish.

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