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How to make curls with the help of ordinary scarves

We learn to tie neckerchiefs on the hair so that the chic curls turn out. If you have hair up to the shoulders and below, this way of curling for you. It is convenient to use it for the night: to wash your head, wind up and go to bed. In the morning, it only remains to take off the scarves and make a basal beginning.

You will need

  • 2 cotton neck or handkerchief;
  • 6 silicone rubber bands for hair;
  • mousse for styling hair.

What to do

Wash your head as usual. On damp hair, apply mousse for styling and let them dry a little. It is better not to use a hairdryer.

Make a straight part and two tall tails on the sides. Secure them with elastic bands.

Fold the handkerchief in the tube. It is important that the kerchiefs are cotton: from the satin hair will slip. Tie a handkerchief at the base of the tail so that the knot is at the bottom.

Divide the tail into two parts and tightly spirally wound them on the different ends of the kerchief. Fold the ends of the hair and fix with elastic bands.

Do the same with the second tail.

After making a cheat, you can go to bed. In the morning, remove handkerchiefs, rubber bands on the tails are more convenient to cut with scissors.

The resulting curls raspushite hand or comb with a rare teeth. Hair at the roots scratch. If necessary, fix your hair with a varnish.

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