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17 Best Hairstyles for College going girls

College hairstyles can get repetitive. Everyone kind of copies each other and sometimes it is hard to develop your own unique sense of styles on campus.

Additionally you are most likely searching for a balance between hairstyles that are chic however won’t draw excessively consideration by the instructors. Moreover you require something commonsense for concentrate in without an excessive amount of hair acting as a burden when attempting to finish those assignments.


Chignon bun is probably the most elegant hairstyle known to mankind. Just tie your hair in this bun when the weather is too windy or when you don’t want to spend time in setting your hair. This style can go with jeans as well as formal attire.


This hairstyle is as quirky as its name and is great if you don’t like your hair coming in your way. Just secure the braid with bobby pins and you are set. This style can be done for college as well as forget together.


This is a redefined ponytail and can really boost your style game. Just tie your hair in a normal ponytail and tie a clip over it. The clip adds a dimension to your ponytail and gives it a completely different look. This look can be worn to parties as well and is given by none other than our style guru, Sonam Kapoor.


Braids are the most basic and common hairstyles and almost everybody knows how to braid their hair. Just tie your hair in a braid to keep them out of your way. This is our go to hairstyle as its super duper quick and easy and our hair doesn’t mess with our face.


If you are bored of the basic ponytail and you are in for experimenting, just make a puff on the crown of your hair and then tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail. Simple, isn’t it ?


This as well is one of the simplest hairstyles. Just side or middle part your hair and tie them in a low bun and viola. The best part about buns is that they are fuss free and make us look sophisticated yet refreshed.


If you want to look effortless, then this is the hairstyle for you. Just make a messy braid and let some loose strands and you’re all set to rock and roll. This look works best with casual outfits.


These braids are the talk of town right now. They are spreading so much and you can spot almost any girl donning this hairstyle. Just recreate this hairstyle and leave everybody amazed. Wear a pair of hoops with this hairstyle and redefine prettiness.


This is one of our personal favourites. Just braid a portion of your hair so that it looks like a headband and tie this along with the remaining hair into a bun and you get the desired look. This look gives a boho vibe and makes you feel really pretty and elegant.


This is a redefined and better version of the classic top knot. Just side part your hair and make a top knot and keep twisting it once you are done brushing it. Secure the hairstyle with bobby pins and finished. Simple and sleek.


Believe it or not, every girl has tried this hairstyle once in her life. Just let your hair open and adjust your fringes and you look just fine. This hairdo is best suited for college going girls and looks refreshing and breezy.


Just like we discussed above, you can wear a topknot and slay every day. If you want to try fusion, just tie half of your hair in a topknot and let the rest of your hair open. A little adventure doesn’t hurt !


We absolutely love this ponytail donned by Sonam Kapoor. Just recreate this version of hers and set the stage on fire. This hairstyle is bound to take your style game to a straight 100.


Two is always better than one. Same goes for our favourite topknot. Just create two identical topknots on either side of your head and we bet you’ll look the cutest.


This is an Indian version of the classic fringe which covers your forehead and your eyebrows. Try this look if you are confident enough to carry it.


This is one of those relaxed hairstyles we love. If you ever get irritated by the wind ruining your good hair day, just tie them in a side bun and let it work wonders for you.


Try this ponytail if you like being the centre of attention. This hairstyle is bound to make you look stylish and works well for college girls. Just try this hairstyle and don’t forget to finish this look with a smile.

Hopefully these college hairstyles have given you some inspiration to hit the campus with. Check out more hairstyles on DIY Hair Hacks.


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