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5 Simple hair care tips

Simple hair care tips #5haircaretips #haircare

Hair care tips
1. It is a myth that we can’t shampoo everyday. In fact we should keep our scalp clean. For daily use you can also use a baby shampoo and alternate with the other shampoo. Dilute shampoo with water and then use for better results.

2. Conditioner is a must! Don’t massage conditioner in scalp, just apply it on hair strands. Then comb with a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner.
Keep it for 2 to 3 mins then wash with cold water. When washed with cold water it forms a protective coating on Hair, thus protecting them. If you stay in cold place or during winters you an use luke warm water , but don’t wash off conditioner with very hot water.

3. Towel dry your Hair, avoid frequent use of blow dryer and straightener.

4. Oil acts as a conditioner. Apply warm oil on clean scalp and never on dirty scalp, this can cause hairball.
5. Include enough proteins in your diet like mixed type of sprouts , egg etc.
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