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8 Beautiful Hairstyles for Dresses and Gowns With Sleeves

Functions always bring together bliss and a hectic schedule. What to wear, how to wear your hair can be a bit tiring. But not to worry when we are here. People prefer wearing gowns or dresses on such occasions. The gowns can be with or without sleeves as per your choice. Gowns with sleeves add more of a sophisticated look and make you look super elegant. When wearing a gown with sleeves, we suggest you tie your hair back as this way people can notice your sleeves as well. We bring to you a version of different hairstyles to style when you’re wearing a gown with sleeves. Let’s get right in.


This is one of the most elegant hairstyles ever and instantly lights up your style game. Just pair some good jewellery with this hairdo and you’re set to go.


Who doesn’t love luscious locks? Just curl your hair and let them lose and they’ll work their magic. We bet you’ll be the star of the evening.


Kirti Sanon looks glamorous than ever in the picture given below. When you aren’t sure on how to wear your hair, just bun them. Just tie your hair in a low bun and it makes you look so damn elegant.


Tamanna has never been shy when it comes to experimenting. We suggest you try this look with a little black dress. This look is for the ones who are daring. Complete this look with a pair of hoops and you’re set to sail. This is your ideal party outfit. Who knows you could end up being the next it-girl?


This is probably the easiest and simplest hairstyle on this list. Just let your hair lose and let people be captured by their natural beauty. You might want to reconsider trying this hairstyle if your sleeves have a pattern you would like to flaunt.


This hairstyle isn’t for the faint hearted ones. This hairstyle makes you look chic and adds a boho vibe as well. It keeps your hair out of your face and shoulders and instantly draws all attention to your outfit.


This hairstyle works best if you want to keep your hair out of your face and sleeves. Try this hairdo if your hair is stealing the spotlight of your long sleeves.


I personally love wavy hair. What could be better than a wavy hair up do? Just tie your hair in an uptight bun and you’re ready to roll. This hairstyle can work with any outfit especially antalkali. Try pairing a beautiful set of earrings and the limelight would be all yours.

We hope these hairstyles were of some help to you and help you achieve the desired look. Sleeves can make you look chic as well as classy if styled right. Work them for your advantage and you’re set to go.


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