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Amazing Hairstyles For Wedding and Other Functions

Weddings can be tricky as a lot keeps on happening. Indian functions are never ending and are always full of bliss. But weddings also call for you to look your level best in every function and that can be really tiring as well as confusing. But not to worry when we are here. People with long hair have an advantage as most of the hairstyles work for people with long hair. Whether it is a braid or curls, people with long hair always have a win win situation. Even going to college or office can be tricky and confusing as you can’t wear the same hairstyle every day. You need to get out of your comfort zone and try things you’ve never done before. Same goes for your hairstyles. Try different hairstyles for lunches, college or even weddings.  We have provided a bunch of hairstyles you can try at your girl’s wedding or can wear at any function and rock that lehenga! Before we jump to the actual topic, keep in mind 3 things before choosing your hairstyle. First being whether the function is formal or informal. Second thing should be an analysis of the place where the function is situated. If the wedding is in south India, you don’t want to attend the wedding in short hair. Last but not the least, realise the importance of the function. If you aren’t the centre of attention then you don’t need to carry heavy hairstyles. And finally, don’t forget to be YOU.


Messy bun is our favourite. We know it’s your favourite as well. It’s super easy and makes you look like a real chic. This hairstyle works for all occasions and functions and is super elegant. To rock the look, just add some flowers in your bun and you’re ready to rock and roll.


The following hairstyle is amazing and sets fire on every stage. This look is suited for weddings or receptions as it’s a bit heavy.


This is my personal favourite. This kind of a hair bun was introduced by Anushka Sharma on her wedding and she looked nothing less than an angel with a flower garden in her hair. Just so beautiful! To ace this look, add some real flower Gajra in your low bun and we bet you’ll look like a fairy. What a goddess.


This hairstyle is common in South Indian weddings and makes you look really mature and graceful. Just tie your luscious locks in a thick braid and done. A gajra works like a cherry on the cake for such kind of a braid.


This is very much similar to the hairstyle we discussed above. Just make a messy side swept braid and let some bangs loose and you’ll end up looking like a goddess. Some red roses in your hair make you look super formal and elegant.


This is literally the talk of the town. Just tie your hair in a half up do and finish your look with a heavy maang tikka and you’re ready to slay. This look works best for marriages and receptions.


This hairstyle is for the ones with guts. This hairstyle is a bit more dramatic as the hair is swept to one side of your head and gives us a bollywood feeling. Try this hairstyle if you’re up for an experiment.


This is one of the prettiest hairstyles. Just braid your hair in a thick plait and make a bun out of that plait. Now put some flowers in this bun and you’re all set. This hairstyle can be worn on marriages and receptions as its heavy and makes you look super gorgeous.


This one shouts out simplicity. This hairstyle is so simple it literally takes 10 minutes. Just curl your hair and part them in middle parting. Finish the look with a maang tikka and you’ll boost your style game and set a benchmark. Let those luscious locks work their magic.


This elegant hairstyle is a bit tricky and hard to achieve when compared to other hairstyles discussed above. Try this hairstyle for a wedding reception and we’re sure you’ll catch everybody’s attention.


This is a real easy and chic hairstyle. Just tie your hair in a messy bun and finish the look with a statement maang tikka. The look gives you an ethnic aura and makes you stand out of the crowd.


Another easy peasy hairstyle. Just curl your hair and sweep them onto one side of your head and done. Easy, isn’t it?


This hairdo is a bit difficult and might not come perfect in the first try. But don’t lose hope, the hard work and efforts are worth it as the end result is a beauty which knows no bounds. Try this for a wedding and set the stage on fire.


This hairstyle is love. Just pure love. Just braid a portion of your hair and set it like a headband and secure it with bobby pins. Then tie the rest of your hair in a bun and you’re all set to go.


To redefine style, just curl your hair and add a maang tikka and you’re set. This hairstyle will make your style game go from a 0 to a straight 100 and requires minimal efforts and is super elegant.

We hope these hairstyles were of some help to you. Let the inner you experiment and rock that wedding. Happy experimenting!


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